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Electronics Installation (Ring, switches, Home Theater, EV Charging, Solar panels)

Are you looking for professional home electronics installation or repair services? Then you can rest assured you have come to the real experts.

The Pro Electrician in Alhambra is the answer to all your home, office or business electronics installation services. We provide our customers with a wide range of electronics installation services from home theaters, switches, Ring, solar panels, EV charging systems, etc.

We also provide our customers with unmatched customer services. On top of this, our electronic installation services are available any time any day.  So whenever you are in need of electronic installation or repair services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Which you can do at (424) 266-8733 and we will respond to you promptly. Our customers can also reach us out via our website contact form and make any other inquiries.

Why choose us?

We are a fully licensed and insured electronics installation Services Company dedicated to provide our customers with the best and quality electronics installation services. We have a great team of friendly professional technicians who are highly trained, extremely competent and experienced. Our technicians can handle all kinds of electronic equipment and appliances regardless of their makes, models or brands. We provide our installation services to both residential and commercial customers. We never discriminate.

Get our home theater installation services today

Many people love hosting parties at our homes and having the guest watch whatever they want from your cozy home theater.

This is definitely a very good investment because you get to enjoy the comfort of living in your home and get your mind relaxed and refreshed. However, it is good to have home theater installations done by a professional.

A good home theater installation expert must be able to figure out all the required technical specifications so as to achieve the desired results. So when you choose the Pro Electrician for your home theater installation, we guarantee you an awesome working experience with us.

We provide our customers with the latest technologies in the home theater industry in Alhambra. Such as touch screen remote controls, entire home audio systems, flat screens, projectors, etc.


We provide our customers with EV Charging installation services

In today’s world, many individuals own electric vehicles like never before. Therefore at The Pro Electrician in Alhambra, we also do EV charging installation services at affordable prices.

Whether you are in need of home EV charging station or commercial EV charging, we can the job done efficiently and professionally. We are also here to make sure you enjoy that quiet and cozy electric vehicle ride as compared to their fuel counterpart vehicles. Therefore, if you need EV charging installation services, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The Pro Electrician Alhambra

We provide switches installation services

Switches are essential equipment in our day to day lives. The pro Electrician-Alhambra also offers switches installation services. We have electrical technicians who very knowledgeable on all kinds of switches. We offer our switches installation services to both commercial and residential clients all over Alhambra and behold. All the switches we install are of high quality and last long. Choose our switches installations today and we guarantee you a great experience working with us.


We provide Solar panels installation services

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. It does not pollute the environment as compared to fossils fuels.

Solar energy is freely provided by Mother Nature and therefore it will definitely save you money. We also do solar panel installation services. Our solar panels are from the leading solar equipment manufacturers and therefore quality is guaranteed.

We offer Rings installation services

The Pro Electrician Alhambra also provides smart ring devices installation services of all makes, models, and brands. We also provide clients with initial installation requirements, then do all the setups connecting to the required applications and to your internal network connections. Our ring installation services are exceptional, we used ring devices from the industry-leading manufacturers and therefore quality and longevity are guaranteed. We provide our clients with a wide variety of ring installation services. We, however, make sure every client is provided with appropriate advice then left to make their own decision thereafter the installation process proceeds.

The Pro Electrician Alhambra