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One of the fastest growing electrician company in Alhambra California!

About Us

The Pro Electrician Alhambra is one of the fastest growing electrical services provider in the area. By serving residential and commercial clients, we provide reliable and trusted electricians.

We stay committed to ensure absolute integrity and providing our customers with trusted electrical installation and repair services. In that regard, we are keen to make sure that all the electrical services are offered in compliance with the set industry standards and service codes.

Our electricians have undergone a thorough training making sure they are knowledgeable about the modern electrical installation technology. In addition, we have invested in advanced electrical troubleshooting gadgets helping to make sure that our electricians feel enabled and always ready to serve you.

At The Pro Electrician Alhambra, it is our promise that we shall always provide our customers with the most reliable services. In doing so, we always seek to understand the requirement in order to come up with the ultimately relevant service or solution that best fits your requirements.

To schedule a service, contact The Pro Electrician Alhambra on (424)266-8733. We are available 24 hour a day!

Below are some of the services that we offer to our customers.

About Us

Our Services

Electric Trouble

Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair Services

Talk to The Pro Electrician Alhambra for advanced electrical troubleshooting. We have the most advanced electrical troubleshooting equipment. So if you have been experiencing electrical faults that seem to recur even after an electrician has fixed the issue, we will fix it.

To identify what the issue could be, talk to us. Because our troubleshooting equipment allows our technicians to quickly follow up and identify an issue. Whether you require electric panel repair in Alhambra or rewiring. In addition, the experience we have gained over the years helps us resolve the problem right away.


Doorbell Installation and Repair Services

For installation of the smart video doorbell or the ordinary doorbell, talk to The Pro Electrician Alhambra. We specialize in the provision of doorbell installations and repair services. We understand how the different doorbell types work and we are familiar to the different issues that these systems have. Therefore, when you call us, you are assured that we provide you the best services for electric doorbell installation. Our technicians have all the equipment and different doorbell replacement parts. Therefore, if the doorbell is faulty, we are the right repair technicians for your doorbell.


Smart Home installation

We are living in an era where technology is transforming almost everything that we do. At your home, you better catch up with the latest technology. From installation of smart surveillance systems to any other electronics, contact The Pro Electrician Alhambra. We will install the latest smart devices, bringing you closer to the technological way of doing different things.

So talk to The Pro Electrician Alhambra today to find out the different smart solutions that we can install at your residence.

Ev installation

Installation of EV charging solutions

As electric vehicles gain popularity it is becoming important having the EV charging stations installed in residential and commercial areas. At The Pro Electrician Alhambra, we provide expert installation of the EV charging systems. We understand the requirements of different EV vehicles especially when it comes to charging and so we will provide you a custom solution. For a free estimate on the EV charging system installation, talk to The Pro Electrician Alhambra today.

Home theater Installation1

Home theater Installation

The Pro Electrician Alhambra provides installation of different electrical equipment. For home theatre installation, it is important that you find a reliable solution provider. Talk to The Pro Electrician Alhambra for the best services when it comes to home theatre installation. We provide our customers with reliable services at a reasonable fee.

Same day electr

Same Day Electricians

At The Pro Electrician Alhambra, we are committed to providing a fast and efficient electrical installation service. Our technical team works day and night to make sure that our customers find great convenience when it comes to electrical installations and repairs.

Our electrician team is available 24 hour for electrical installation and repairs. Because we understand that electrical faults will occur even without notice. Therefore, we remain ready to serve you whenever you require our services.

Talk to The Pro Electrician Alhambra and enjoy advanced electrical installation services, and 24/7 availability. To schedule a service or to request for emergency response, We will be glad to serve you.


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    The Pro Electrician Alhambra has been working in this field for a long period now. They have good knowledge in their field as they have been working as electricians for a good time.

    • B. Buckner
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    The Pro Electrician Alhambra has a good name in the market for their excellent service as electricians. Many people recommend them for panel fittings along with electric works.

    • N.Ribeiro